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Don't Tempt Me With A Good Time

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Don't Tempt Me | Lori Foster

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‘Don’t Tempt Me’: Hillary Clinton Fires Back at Trump Daring Her to Run With Eyebrow-Raising Tweet

Confirm Password. Subscribe me to Mohawk's mailing list for promotions and savings. To cause to be strongly disposed: He was tempted to walk out.

Mic Lowry - Don't tempt me lyrics

To be attractive or inviting: a meal that tempts. To tempt is to attract by holding out the probability of gratification or advantage, often in regard to what is wrong or unwise: to tempt a high official with a bribe. To seduce is to lead astray, as from duty or principles, but more often from moral rectitude, chastity, etc. Switch to new thesaurus. To beguile or draw into a wrong or foolish course of action: allure , entice , inveigle , lure , seduce.


Idiom: lead astray. To behave so as to bring on danger, for example : court , invite , provoke.

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  4. The sunshine tempted them to go out. He was surrounded by temptations. That cake looks tempting.

    I'm tempted to go to the party. Mentioned in?

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    References in classic literature? The Cat was no longer able to get at them and perceived that she must tempt them forth by some device. View in context. When first the Fairy placed it there, she had been pleased with her new gift, and for a while obeyed the fairy bell, and often tried to win some fragrance from the flower, by kind and pleasant words and actions; then, as the Fairy said, she found a sweet reward in the strange, soft perfume of the magic blossom, as it shone upon her breast; but selfish thoughts would come to tempt her, she would yield, and unkind words fell from her lips; and then the flower drooped pale and scentless, the fairy bell rang mournfully, Annie would forget her better resolutions, and be again a selfish, wilful little child.